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PP and PE material contrast

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PP and PE material contrast
PE polyethylene, ethylene is made by polymerization of a thermoplastic resin, odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax, with excellent low temperature performance, chemical stability, and resistance to the majority of acid and alkali erosion.
PP polypropylene, is made of propylene polymerization of a thermoplastic resin, usually translucent colorless solid, odorless non-toxic; its melting point up to 167 ℃, heat, corrosion resistance, the product can be steam sterilization; , Is the lightest general-purpose plastic; due to the high degree of crystallinity, the material’s surface stiffness and anti-scratch characteristics are good.
product comparison
Name: PE spiral hose guard
Color: transparent color, black (yellow, red can be customized)
Texture: relatively thin, very soft
Performance: green, good curvature, corrosion-resistant insulation, finishing wires, landscaping.
Model: 6mm ~ 20mm
Uses: mainly used for home wire finishing, mobile phone data cable protection
Highlights: Price concessions
Name: PP spiral protective sleeve
Color: red, white, blue, black, yellow
Texture: slightly thicker, strong binding
Performance: wear, anti-aging, oil, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, insulation, good elasticity, anti-ultraviolet
Model: 8mm ~ 200mm
Uses: mainly used for construction machinery hose, tubing, wire and cable protection, filling, refueling hose, car washing and so on.
Highlights: wear resistance
Buy suggestions
It is recommended to select the PE winding tube:
1, the main needs are finishing protection, landscaping
2, requires price economy, less budget
3, the wear resistance is not required
It is recommended to select the PP spiral hose guard
1, the use of the environment is more complex, poor, high resistance to wear performance requirements
2, need a rich color to adapt to the use of the environment
3, the quality of the product, the use of life requirements