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Orientflex hose guard

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    Most of our products through UL, VDE, CCC, PSE, such as safety certification and RoHS environmental certification, widely exports to Europe and the United States market . The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 version of the certification UKAS: 23457, from the raw materials of the feed, the production process to the finished product inspection are strictly in accordance with the ISO management system implementation. In the highly responsible attitude to customers and dedication to the general customer service.
    The company has always adhered to the international quality as the starting point, all the raw materials used to achieve UL flame retardant VW-1 standard PET wire prepared by the excellent flame retardant effect, the product weaving network technology fine, can achieve and replace the European and American enterprises Production of similar products. Other products of the Division are silicone coated hose sleeve, glass fiber sleeve (single and double), spiral hose guard. All products are UL and RoHS environmental certification.
     Excellent quality + competitive price + fast delivery + warm service + perfect management + customer satisfaction =OrientFlex hose guard!