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How to Judge Wear Resistance of PP Spiral Hose Guard?

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As the name implies, the PP spiral hose guard is aim to protect our hose, so the wear resistance has become one of the major problems that the customers consider. So how to distinguish whether wear resisting is strong or weak?

1. Does wear the thicker the PP spiral hose guard, the more wear-resistant it is? This is not the case, as the preferred wear resistance depends on the composition and performance of the material. Orientflex is an ideal wear-resistant and corrosion resistant material, which is made of modified PP. Its chemical properties are stable, and it is harder than PE, and its melting point is higher. Therefore, although the helical protective sleeve produced by PP has no corresponding thickness, it has absolute toughness, high strength (generally 85~90 degrees of Shore) and high wear resistance.

2. Wear resistance is not related to the quality of the hose guard will not increase with the increase of the quality. The original package of PP, because of light weight, stable chemical properties, non-toxic and harmless characteristics, the production of the protective cover surface is smooth, no bubbles, no material, no cracks and burrs. The material of 100% original package material improves the wear resistance by 10% and the anti-aging performance for 5 years. On the contrary, the inferior sheath products are mixed with a lot of recycled material, which is not only uneven, toxic and harmful, but also noisy, and the same number of meters is much heavier than the high quality hose guard.

3. Orientflex is equipped with modern production equipment and advanced testing instruments, and is made by Retail winding qualitative extrusion process. The production line makes the quality of the protective cases more stable and the data more accurate. The elasticity is increased by 20% (the tensile strength is 25~30MPa at room temperature), and it is not easy to break.

The "Akron abrasion testing machine" for testing, the quality of 0.07, otherwise, if greater than 0.07, it is inferior spiral hose guard.

After explained, I believe that we have an understanding of the problem of wear resistance of the PP spiral hose guard. Therefore, in order to protect the hose on our mechanical equipment, we still want to choose the PP spiral hose guard with high wear resistance!