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How to Detect Quality of Silicone Fire Sleeve?

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Silicone fire sleeve is a kind of protection product commonly used in industrial cables. According to the different specifications of cables, there are many kinds of specifications and models of fire sleeve, which can be applied to the protection of cables under various working conditions.

Orientflex has a variety of specifications and models of hose guard, quality products can play a good protective role, then how to detect the quality of silicone fire sleeve?

Product production material problem: Silicone fire sleeve is made of alkali-free glass fiber and high-quality silicone, check whether the quality of the production material is qualified.

Product structure and performance problems: Silicone fire sleeve surface is smooth, no bubbles, etc. It has good high temperature resistance, dust resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance and good chemical temperature.

Product temperature resistance test: Silicone fire sleeve can be used for a long time in the high temperature environment within 260℃, at 1000℃ can also be used for a short time, instantaneous high temperature can also be resistant to 1700℃. So you can test the product in  temperature resistance!

Therefore, the quality inspection of the silicone fire sleeve is very important. Only high-quality products can play a professional protective effect. In high temperature environment, we must use high-quality hose guard to effectively protect the cable, to ensure that the cable can be used normally in operation!