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How to Install Spiral Hose Guard?

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Rubber hose spiral guard is made of polypropylene material or nylon material after a certain processing of rubber pipe protection products. And because the product is generally spiral, so it is also called spiral hose guard. Since the introduction of rubber hose in China in 2002, it has been widely used in our life. So how do you install it?

Method one: From the middle part to both ends around

Wrap the middle part of the hose (wire, cable) to the middle part of the winding pipe, from the middle part of the winding to the end of the hose (wire, cable); One end of the hose (wire, cable) is wound, and the spiral protective sleeve is positioned at the joint of the hose (wire, cable). After positioning, the spiral winding tube is reversed and loosened, then it can be moved freely and begin to rotate from the middle part of the winding to the other end. Wound both ends of the spiral hose guard on the outside of the hose (wire, cable), and the installation is completed.

Method two: Start from one end to the other end around the method

One end of the hose (wire, cable) is wound around one end of the spiral hose guard; And then position; After positioning, start to turn to the other end, to be all around the protective sleeve in the hose (wire, cable) outside, the installation is completed.

Rubber hose spiral guard for the development of our country to make contact with the contribution, now it is widely used in loaders, excavators, rollers, cranes and other engineering machinery, installed in the hydraulic hose, wire, cable and other products outside. Its function is to enhance the wear-resisting, anti-static and anti-ultraviolet properties of internal products, in a variety of harsh environment for internal products to play a role in safety protection.

Not only can improve the aesthetic degree and binding effect, and can make the life of internal products extended for more than 3 years.

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