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Application of hose spiral protective guard in gas station

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It is well known that the dispenser hose is one of the more "precious" parts in the dispenser accessories. The hose is only a few meters long and the price is as high as several hundred yuan.
If the tanker hose is not hung in time after use, there is a risk of being crushed and damaged by passing vehicles in the station, especially for logistics transport vehicles or home off-road vehicles, it is difficult for the driver to pay attention to the ground conditions in the vehicle; The process of taking, pulling, and discharging the pipeline when refueling will also increase the wear on the hose and reduce the service life of the equipment.
In order to help customers solve such problems, our company introduced hose spiral protective guards to gas stations for the first time.
The hose protective sleeve produced by our company has the characteristics of wear resistance, oil resistance, sun protection, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It has a spiral appearance and is wrapped around the product, which can extend the use time of the internal hose for 3-5 years. Different types of engine oil products are used to classify the protective sleeve color. For example, 0 # diesel gun hoses use gray protective sleeves, 92 #, 95 #, and 98 # gasoline gun hoses are respectively wrapped with red, light green, and dark green to prevent incorrect fueling , And if it is too late to reset the pipeline during peak hours, the eye-catching color logo will also attract the driver's attention.
The installation of our company's hose sprial protective  guards can not only effectively remind the driver of the cart, but also allow the staff of the gas station to work at ease in their daily work.