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Relationship between hardness and quality of spiral sleeve

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Spiral protective sleeve is a new type of sheath product, which replaces the traditional metal protective spring, which not only has a significant improvement in protective performance, but also has a long service life. Some people say that the higher the hardness of the spiral protective cover, the better the performance of the protective cover, which can better protect the internal products from external damage. But is this true? Let's take the spiral protective sleeve of Runte Rubber and Plastic as an example to check it:
Runte rubber and plastic spiral protective cover uses modified PP (polypropylene) as a raw material. This material is a special raw material specially developed by the Shanghai Rubber Research Institute. Products made from this material not only have the flexibility of PP itself. , Also has the wear resistance of PE (polyethylene).
Numerically speaking.
The hardness of the spiral protective sleeve is generally between 85-90 degrees. If the hardness of the product is too low, that is, less than 85 degrees, the product will not be able to withstand external damage, and it will not be able to perform a good restraint on its internal products, which will result in The protective sleeve does not protect the product well. And if the hardness is too high, exceeding 90 degrees Shore, then the product's elasticity, toughness and other characteristics will be significantly reduced. In low temperature environments, such as cold winter, it will be affected by too low toughness. It becomes brittle when it is cold, and a little movement and other operations will cause it to crack.
Functionally speaking.
Spiral protective sleeves are widely used to protect cables, wires, hoses and other products due to their strong abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. They are mainly used in the environment of household appliances, automobiles, construction machinery, etc. These environmental services are changeable, and they often bend the line in many places. The greater the hardness of the spiral protective sleeve, the worse its flexibility and the less likely it is to be bent. If it is forcibly bent, it may cause the protective sleeve to crack.
So in summary, the statement that "the harder the protective sleeve is, the stronger the performance is" is wrong. The hardness of a qualified spiral protective cover product should be between 85-90 degrees. Therefore, when choosing a protective cover, we must pay attention to selecting products with moderate hardness, and we cannot listen to misleading statements of others at will.