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How to evaluate the quality of spiral protective cover

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The spiral protective cover is also called: tubing sheath, tubing sleeve, hose sleeve and so on. It is a plastic winding pipe for protecting the hoses and oil pipes of hydraulic systems of construction machinery and mining machinery. Once the spiral protective cover is damaged, the hydraulic hose will be damaged or the system will be damaged and cause huge losses. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a protective cover with a good quality. As a professional sheath manufacturer, we will introduce you to several evaluation aspects of jacket quality to facilitate you to purchase high quality jacket.

 1.Appearance surface
The surface of the tubing protective sleeve is smooth and flat, no shortage of material, cracks, damage, burrs, no obvious blistering and unevenness, no impurities, mottling and other phenomena are high quality; otherwise, it is inferior and unqualified.
2. Hardness
The quality of the qualified spiral protective cover is generally 85-90 degrees, and the hardness below 85 degrees or above 90 degrees does not meet the requirements. The hardness is too low to protect and restrain the internal products; the hardness is too high, and when used in a low temperature environment, the protective sleeve is prone to brittle fracture, so that the protective effect of the spiral protective sleeve on the internal product is greatly reduced.

3. High and low temperature resistance
High quality qualified spiral protective sleeves should have good resistance to high and low temperature. The user can be identified by the following method: the spiral protective cover is placed in an environment of 80 ° C for 1 hour, at room temperature for 0.5 hour, at -40 ° C for 1 hour, and at room temperature for 0.5 hour, and 5 cycles are continuously performed. Observe that if the spiral protective sleeve has no cracking, stickiness, dents, etc., it is high quality; otherwise, if the spiral protective sleeve has one of the phenomena of cracking, deformation, stickiness or sag, the protective sleeve is inferior, not qualified.

 4. Oil resistance
High quality qualified spiral protective sleeve has good oil resistance. The spiral protective sleeve can be immersed in the mixture of 70# gasoline and 10% toluene for 5 minutes. If there is no discoloration or stickiness, it is qualified for quality; on the contrary, if there is discoloration or stickiness, the protective sleeve is inferior. , failed.
 5. Abrasion resistance
High quality qualified spiral protective sleeve has good wear resistance.
 6. Tensile strength, impact strength
High quality qualified spiral protective sleeve has good tensile strength and impact strength
 7. UV resistance
The spiral protective sleeve has good UV resistance. The black spiral protective cover is produced with a certain ratio of carbon black to enhance the UV resistance of the spiral protective cover.
8. Antistatic properties
Spiral protective sleeves are often operated in underground, dry and other environments. In this case, spiral protective sleeves with strong antistatic properties should be considered to provide better safety protection for hydraulic hoses.