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Introduction to the three forms of silicone fireproof jacket

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Silicone fire-resistant sheath is a product with excellent fire resistance, mainly in three forms: buckle type, wrap type, and straight type. The following are introduced as professional manufacturers.

Straight type is suitable for straight pipelines, cable protection, automobile wiring harnesses, generator sets, etc. It is reliable after installation, sealed, insulated, heat-insulated and moisture-proof.
The winding type high temperature fireproof sleeve is made of alkali-free glass fiber into a tube, and then the outer wall of the tube is coated with organic silicone and vulcanized. After vulcanization, it can be used in the temperature range of -60 ℃ -260 ℃ and maintain its soft elastic properties. It is used for the high temperature protection of irregular protected objects such as valves and curved pipelines, and is easy to wind. It is also suitable for outdoor high temperature pipelines, such as natural gas pipelines and heating pipelines.
The advantage of the snap-type high temperature resistant sleeve is that when installing the thermal protection sleeve, there is no need to deactivate the equipment and remove the hoses and cables. Another advantage is that it can be installed on-site in the factory to ensure correct tightness and structural integrity. The buckle type adopts high-temperature glass fiber, and a hook and loop tape is sewn inside. When the sleeve is adjusted to an appropriate size, the hook and loop tape can be tightly combined.