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How to Choose the Heat Resistant Fire Sleeve?

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With the continuous development of industrial production, more and more machinery and equipment are put into the production line. Especially in some harsh environments, the utilization rate is greater, and these equipment equipped with cables, tubing, pipeline and so on need to be protected. As one of its protective products, what details need to be paid attention to when choosing heat resistant fire sleeve?

There are many types of heat resistant fire sleeve. According to their different production materials, a variety of protective sleeves with different functional characteristics can be made, which can be applied to the protection requirements of pipeline equipment in different high-temperature environments. Therefore, attention should be paid to the environment of these pipeline equipment when purchasing to ensure safe and effective protection.

Pipeline equipment is the necessary infrastructure of mechanical equipment, so when protecting it, some can be removed and installed directly, while others can not be removed. Therefore, when choosing heat resistant fire sleeve, we should also choose different types of casing according to the actual installation situation to ensure convenient installation and not affect the protection performance.

Protection products on the market at present there are a lot of pipeline equipment, different manufacturers can produce heat resistant fire sleeve. Butts heat resistance level, product quality, after-sales service and so on will be different, the price will vary. So we need to distinguish in detail when buying them. Try to choose big manufacturer's product, not only guaranteed quality, after-sales service also will be more comprehensive.