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Brief introduction of spiral protective cover

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Before buying a product in life, we have to shop around, compare which products are of good quality, great performance, and good price, and the same is true when buying spiral protective sleeves. If we want to select a superior spiral sheath, we must first understand the relevant product knowledge of spiral sheath.
Spiral sheaths are widely used in construction machinery such as loaders, excavators, cranes, etc., mainly installed on the outside of wires, cables, hydraulic hoses, etc., and can also be installed outside household wires, air conditioning pipes, gas pipelines, and other products. The function is to make the interior have a certain resistance to damage caused by working in a harsh environment, and enhance the wear resistance and antistatic characteristics of the internal product.
Secondly, we must understand the reputation of those manufacturers and the pass rate of the manufactured products. Only in this way can we use it with peace of mind and peace of mind.
Finally, it depends on the performance of the product. 100 kinds of rice support hundreds of people, and the commodities are no different. Products made of different materials have different characteristics. Spiral protective sleeves are usually made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and nylon (PA) as raw materials. The products made of polypropylene (PP) have good elasticity, but they do not have the characteristics of wear resistance. The products supported by ethylene (PE) have good wear resistance, but poor elasticity.
After years of research at the Shanghai Rubber Research Institute, a modified PP material with a melting point of 280 degrees was found, which perfectly combined the characteristics of PP and PE, and played a role of 1+1>2: this The material has both the elasticity of PP material and the wear resistance of PE material. This kind of material is used by our company to produce spiral sheath.
Our company has focused on the production of spiral protective sleeves, EPDM EPDM low-pressure water pipes, NBR nitrile low-pressure oil pipe seals and other rubber and plastic products. We have ten years of production experience, send samples for free, and can customize products according to your requirements. Welcome Come and ask.