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Silicone fireproof jacket for automobile

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        Silicone fireproof sheath has been applied to various industries with its unique advantages, especially in the automotive industry. As a professional manufacturer of silicone fireproof jackets, let me introduce the application of silicone fireproof jackets in the automotive industry.
        In the automotive industry, silicone fire protection jackets can be used to protect shifter cables, speed indicator cables, hydraulic systems, and power cables. The high temperature resistant glass fiber of the outer layer of the silicone fireproof jacket provides excellent thermal insulation properties and can fully protect all parts of the automotive system. How to analyze automobile silicone fire jacket from the perspective of different uses of the following to be a brief introduction?:
      First, a silicone rubber sheath fire automobile exhaust pipe, which is used in self-adhesion, self-solidification design, so that it is very good water resistance, high air tightness, the pressure oil can be prevented and penetration of contaminants internal pollution or damage.
      Second, the radiation-proof automobile exhaust pipe fire protection jacket is coated with a radiation-proof layer on the automobile exhaust pipe silicone fire protection jacket and processed through a special process. Generally thick glue. Due to its thickness, this also makes it have a good thermal insulation protection effect, while its thermal insulation and insulation effect is also very good.
      The third type is to apply thick rubber to the glass fiber tape for rubber car's heat insulation and fire protection jacket. It mainly plays the role of heat insulation and heat insulation. It is also used in many practical applications. Its production requirements and specifications are generally very high.