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Flame-retardant heat-resistant sleeve

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    Flame-retardant heat-resistant sleeve is made of non-alkali glass fiber yarn into a tube, coated with organic high-temperature silicone rubber or silicone resin by high temperature treatment. With fire-retardant, heat insulation, insulation, anti-electric, soft and other properties. Mainly used in steel mills, smelters, glass mills, fire equipment, large-scale transformer sites such as high-temperature places of the cable insulation protection.
The use of silicone fiberglass fireproof sleeve, at 550 ℃ to provide reliable protection, heat wave. Short time can withstand ≤ 1100 ℃ high temperature molten steel impact.
Electricity, chemical and other industries in high temperature areas;
Metallurgical enterprise heating zone cable, fluid piping, feed quick change joint, rolling area roller, rolling mill cable, tubing; sawing the surrounding cable, tubing and joints; ladle cable coating, and so on.
   The product has many unique advantages:
    Protect personal safety

    In the modern factory, a lot of pipes, valves or equipment, the internal flow of medium temperature is very high, the use of flame-retardant heat-resistant casing
Can prevent the staff due to direct contact with these high-temperature equipment and accidents. Flame-retardant heat-resistant casing made of very high temperature resistant glass fiber woven.
Reduce the loss of heat, to prevent the ambient temperature is too high
The use of protective sleeves, to prevent the loss of heat in the pipeline medium to reduce energy consumption; also prevent the heat of the media within the pipeline directly to the surrounding environment and the plant temperature is too high, saving air conditioning costs.
    Protect the pipe or cable
    In the metallurgical industry, high-temperature molten steel is often sputtered, unprotected pipelines or cables will be damaged (welding industry is the case), and then, these molten steel in the pipeline or cable after the formation of slag solidification, will make the pipeline or cable The outer layer of the rubber hardens and eventually brittle to break. Flame-retardant heat-resistant casing, can maximize the protection of these occasions within the pipeline, cables and equipment, greatly extend its service life.
To prevent the occurrence of fire
    If the pipeline is transported in a flammable medium or toxic medium, leakage occurs when it is easy to cause fire or casualties; cable is often burned due to high temperature, fire sleeve with very high temperature resistant glass fiber woven, with excellent Of the flame retardancy